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Director / Choreographer: Rikkai Scott  
Filmmaker & Editer: Bobby Giggs
Performers: Dawnita Smith, Ayten Goksan, Ceclia  Berghail and Rikkai Scott

Supported by Artists 4 Artists 

Commissioned by Bermuda Festival 


WATCH THIS SPACE was created as part of Rikkai's first digital site specific duet set as the launch of BDblaq Dance in August 2016. The piece was then commissioned by Artists 4 Artists work in progress showcase at Redbridge Drama Centre and then went on to be presented as a double bill at Bermuda Festival in 2020.


WATCH THIS SPACE is a light-hearted story that unfolds as two friends explore the space together using tap rhythms and travel through the space in a contemporary flow.

The duet  tackles the ideas of a creative discovering a new tempo. The dancers use the ground and various objects around the space to playfully explore and use objects to create rhythms and movement patterns.




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"So creative, fresh, entertaining and fabulous dance"

Mary Faulkenberry


Ruth Seaton James, Bermuda 

3 - 4 March 2020 part of

Bermuda Festival


Utopia Theatre, London 

08 April 2017


Southbank Centre, London 

23 November 2016 part of Hertiage A User's Manual Festival 


Redbridge Drama Centre, London

16 October 2016 part of Artists 4 Artists work in progress showcase