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Rikkai Scott collaborates with BDblaq's dance artists, TAPOUT is a  digital idea that tells a story of four friends who emphasis a dream into a feeling of comical movement, while bringing it's unique blend of Tap, Hip Hop and a colourful fusion twist on screen. This short film performed by BDblaq Dance,  won an award for best new film as part of The Artists Creative Film Award Performance  2021. 









Director / Choreographer : Rikkai Scott
Co-Choreographers/Performers: Ayten Goksan, Ashley Goosey, Dani Sandi and Rikkai Scott
Producer: Agata Olszewska
Filmmakers: Alice Underwood and  Prexa Shrestha

Photographer: Alice Underwood

Composers: Ashley Goosey and Hubert Daviz
Props: Chez Sams


Produced by BDblaq Dance 


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