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BDblaq Dance was founded by Rikkai Scott in 2016 , ignited by his passion and love to create Tap dance, tour, engage and produce theatre work. BDblaq Dance signature style is Tap Fusion, which is rooted in traditional forms yet it combines elements of non-traditional movement in Tap, Hip Hop and Contemporary disciplines. Formed as a platform to bring diverse artists together, BDblaq focus to impact a wide range of audiences by telling significant stories that shares a strong drive of life experiences in high quality through performance art.

Our dance is a way to speak to the world. We develop dance pieces on topics that move us in everyday life and allow us to find our position on social issues. Our Tap Fusion dance is archaic in the way it links movement, grooves and rhythms. But our Tap dance is always the music. And always communication through the whole body and the feet.  Tap dance is part of the jazz tradition. Much of our artistic identity comes from the Afro-American heritage of jazz, tap and traditional timesteps. That is also a commitment. 


BDblaq Dance constantly seeks unique performance opportunities, which challenge creativity, develop character work and broaden professionals inside  the dance world. The company explores diversity within dance, celebrating it's dancers’ talents, pushing their limitations, and constantly expanding their artistic potential, while supporting their own personal growth and ambitions.  We are individuals, a collective,  a family,  a urban company of artists who use our skills to present truth. We do not see our dance as a product to sell, but as a process we want to share with as many people as possible. 


In 2016, we created our first site specific production WATCH THIS SPACE out of nothing. Rikkai came up with the idea of creating a duet piece, which we dance specific rhythms in an empty space. Shortly after launching the piece, we recieved a commission as part of Artists 4 Artists showcase sharing to research and develop the duet at Redbridge Drama Centre.

To our complete surprise,  in 2017 our first theatre project SENSE recieved funding from Bermuda Cultural Affairs and the piece toured nationally and internationally at venues including: The Place (London), Theatre Dei (London), Rhoda McGaw Theatre (Woking) , Peckham Theatre (London), Earl Cameron Theatre (Bermuda) and Espai La Rambleta (Valencia). With the help of Arts Council England and National Dance Foundation of Bermuda  grant  we are currently developing initial ideas for a new residency, pandemic-safe production

 THE BO JANGLES that will premiere in 2023. 


We are strengthening our activities in the region, developing more awareness towards Tap dance and interactive formats for a new audience, and we are also better organizing the company. 


We look forward to welcoming you into our community!